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Alexa Vega

Name: Alexa Vega


DOB: 27.08.1988

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 61 kg





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Biography: Gorgeous babe with a pseudonym - Alexxa Vega, another spelling - Alexa Vega. Interestingly, there is an ordinary actress with the same pseudonym, but these Chicks are not related. Alexa VEGA from pornography loves debauchery, cool members serves and loves to fry with Chicks. She shakes big Boobs, tasty all the moaning and enjoying. Males are like mistresses – hot, slutty and insatiable. Alex and heifers of different plays, but bottom line, it powerfully hot fuck. Pornography with this harlot comes out colorful, passionate and hot. There are a lot of emotions and everything cool. There is pleasure and genuine passion. Starred in Alex VEGA porn in 2018. Her appearance is Latin, such a Mature chic person with a sexy body. Big Breasts, expressive eyes, good growth and labor holes (most important). Holes Alexa Vega knows how to skillfully substitute and loves to do it. She has already shown herself in porn, then it will only be better and more. VEGA plans to continue to withdraw and conclude the most lucrative contracts. That Latin bitch has a lot to go on. And now she has enough cool roles and service of the thickest members. Alex VEGA the perfect height – 173 cm, weighs 61 pounds harlot. The lady looks attractive and sexy. There is nothing superfluous in it, only beauty, juiciness and accessibility. VEGA is always willing to debauchery begins, tries and enjoys the pleasures of the full program. She definitely likes to moan loudly and get great. And we like to watch hot pornography with her participation. Here's a cool Latin harlot Alexxa Vega, a bitch who has sweet working holes. Porn with her burning passion, hot and all attractive. The kind of sex you want to view and enjoy the cool debauchery. Watch porn, where naughty Alexa VEGA, and just have fun with everything delicious.

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Views: 1527

Sexual Orientation: Straight

State: United States


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